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Hyperion Shooter

This game was the first indie adventure I had in my life, with a wonderful and passionate team: The Ride The Buffalo Team!

The game was developed completely by us in UDK with original 3D models, 2D art, musics and lots and lots of fun ideas and passion.
Unfortunately for lack of time / money we couldn't finish the project but it was a wonderful learning experience and amazing time while developing it.

We managed to be showcased in the UDK Facebook page, and here you can also find the trailer of a documentary that 
Rozemarijn Bedia Higuera started to film, about us!

You can meet my awesome team here:


Producer:             Giacomo Vaccari

3D Artists:            Andre Cabral, Michel Kroeze

2D Artist:              Amanda Gielen

Programmers:      Marco Colombo, Giacomo Vaccari

Audio:                   Iggy Fornerino, 3ska, Nabionix 

Level Designer:    Patrick Berntsen

Filming:                Rozemarijn Bedia Higuera

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