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X, Y, Z and beyond 

Let's just face it. 3D is amazing (and powerful).
During my studies I got to know the full 3D pipeline... 3D modeling and animation is not my main skill really, but hell...I had fun!

Indy Legoman and the (3D)Maya Yemple


A complete short movie

I created this movie using 3D Maya and it was one of the assignments that we had to complete during my studies.

I never used 3D Maya before, so the quality of the visuals/lights/animation is not extremely PRO, but I am really proud of my progress and I enjoyed a lot the creation of this funny movie.


Z Model



A 3D Model of Mega Man's buddy

Since my first play on a NES, I always had a strong passion for Mega Man's saga.
So when I had to decide what character to pick up for the 3D Modeling assignment I went for Z (I just thought X was too cliche').

This was my first experience with 3D modeling and I used 3D Maya.

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