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Who is mrcojo?

My name is Marco Colombo.

I was born in 1985, in a small town in the north of Italy...That same year, Super Mario Bros. was released for NES. Do you think it was coincidence? I like to think not...

I always had a strong passion for videogames and computer in general since I was 4, when my parents put an AMIGA600 in my room. It was love at first sight.

Straight after my experience with keyboard and CRT my attention moved to that small grey box, with a controller attached on was called NES.

Even if I didn't realize it yet, my path was clear: I was supposed to make videogames.


I grew up with an exponential passion for games and I improved radically my videogames culture, day by day.

I studied Comptuter Science and Engineering, until after a couple of years as a programmer in a big consultancy company, I decided that I couldn't keep my dreams anymore, so I left Italy in search for a way in the videogame industry.


Now I am constanly looking for challanges and experiences that can improve me and my skills...

Do you think we could share knowledge / skills/ passion?
Contact me!


Wanna try a different approach to know me?

Try to UNLOCK my CV,  my achivements, and my works one by one one while PLAYING my interactive Portfolio!
 (or just use the cheat sphere in the main room :D)

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